Marg Stubington, Music Director / Directrice musicale

Coffee Sales

Our annual coffee fundraising campaign is now active!

We offer four different varieties of Fair Trade Organic coffee, in either ground or whole bean.

Type of Coffee Name of Blend Description
Swiss Water Process Decaffeinated Peru Decaf Viennese Roast Visit Peru & be home in time for bed.  Swiss water decaffeination makes it unique.
Mild-Medium Roast Peru City Roast Mild South American. Good body and lovely fruity finish. Taste the Andes!
French Roast Mexico French Roast Bold, caramelized tones. Fruity complexity with hints of cocoa and a decadent aroma.
Espresso Espresso Garibaldi A Roman-style blend, bold with a rich crema and notes of toffee. Typical of central Italy.

All blends are freshly roasted right here in Ottawa by Francesco’s Coffee Company. We regularly get rave reviews from our customers for the high quality of this coffee.

Each ¾ pound (340 g) bag costs $16.

The deadline for placing orders is November 19, and the coffee will be received on December 3 for distribution.

For those ordering direct (i.e., not through a choir member), pick-up is available on Tuesday, December 3 from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. at St. Stephen’s Presbyterian Church, 579 Parkdale Avenue. Please enter via the door on Sherwood Drive (just east of Parkdale).

Choir members will make arrangements for distribution to their customers.

Submit an Order for Coffee

In person to any member of the choir